Tammy Conrad MS, LMFT
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Currently Tammy is seeing all clients via Telehealth
Tammy has over 25 years of experience in working with people throughout their life span. She has cried with them, laughed with them, sat with their hope, fear, anxiety, and despair as they worked through the many challenges of life. Tammy has experience working with infants, children and their parents, couples, families, and adults. In addition to working at Lake City Counseling, teaching, and completing her Ph.D., Tammy provides mental health services to a major corporation. She has helped many:
· Address traumas like COVID-19 
· Manage PTSD
· Navigate emotional eating
· Create a healthy work/life balance
· Cope with anxiety, depression, and stressful life transitions such as returning to the office during a pandemic
· Navigate life-cycle transitions such as parenting, coupling, and aging.

Tammy is a Clinical Member of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy and holds an AAMFT Approved Supervisor Designation and holds an MFT license. Tammy is a current doctoral student with research interests in relational ethics regarding chronic illness, death and dying, and living in a post-truth world. 
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