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Gabrielle Koren

Addiction Specialist
Working with clients age 18+

My Story

I believe everyone has a story about their lives and why they are seeking therapy. It is my job to find a way for my clients to feel safe to tell their story and for me to hear it. My goal in working with individuals is to increase their capacity for self-reflection and amplify self-understanding. Through participation in therapy people are able to gain insight into existing strengths and mobilize their capacity to identify and undertake positive changes in their life.


I am trained in a variety of therapies to address a wide spectrum of mental health and substance use disorders, though each person I work with receives individualized, integrative, evidence-based care. I specialize in disorders and concerns related to substance use, mood and gambling.


Being a therapist is not just my job, but it is who I am. I am an honest, compassionate person with integrity, and use a straight forward, genuine approach. I truly believe it takes great courage to seek out help from a therapist and even greater courage to make change in one's life. I am inspired by the people I work with every day.

Virtual sessions only, at this time. 


To inquire about services, please email me a brief description of the area you'd like to work on, the name of your insurance provider, general availability. 

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