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Kristin Wilson

Brainspotting Trained
Works with clients age 12+

My Story

*Currently not accepting new clients. Please email Kristin if you wish to be added to her waitlist. 


I am an Advanced Practice Social Worker with 27 years of experience as a School Social Worker.  While my experience is with adolescents and young adults, I am looking forward to working with adult clients of all ages.


I am a deeply empathetic and non-judgemental person who enjoys laughing at myself and with others. I listen well and will provide clients with the time and guidance they need to understand themselves better. I am passionate about trauma informed care, equity issues, racial justice and the belief in our potential to heal and grow. I know that seeking and gaining support can be scary and immensely rewarding at the same time. 


At my heart I am an advocate for helping others as they navigate their lives and all the issues they encounter along the way. 


Some specific areas of my work with 12+:


  • LGBTQ+ Allied

  • Compassion Fatigue and Resilience Management

  • Work, School, Friendship Stress Management

  • Depression and Anxiety

  • Risk taking behaviors

  • Body Image and Self Esteem

  • Dating Relationships

  • Grief and Sadness

  • Mindfulness Stress Reduction

  • Trauma support including racial trauma

  • School-aged specific

    • School Absenteeism and refusal


To inquire about services, please email me a brief description of the area you'd like to work on, the name of your insurance provider, general availability, and preference for in-person or virtual sessions. 

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