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Lynn Flannery

Transgender Healthcare Dignity Model Certified Provider (DMCP)
Certified Clinical Trauma Professional (CCTP)
Working with adults 18+

My Story

*Currently Accepting New Clients - Email Lynn to schedule!

I’m so excited to be Lake City Counseling’s newest addition! I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and have almost 20 years of experience in this profession. I work with adults 18+.

Finding a therapist can be hard. Finding a therapist you feel that you ‘click’ with can be even harder. There’s a lot to consider when it comes to finding someone you trust enough to help you take that initial leap of faith. One of the major predictors of successful outcomes in therapy is the therapeutic relationship itself. I believe that even though we are therapists, more importantly, we are fellow human beings. I feel it’s important to see you not only as a client, but as an entire human being. I understand the process of letting someone get to know you on this level can be hard. Especially when you’re meeting with someone new.

As your therapist, I aim to foster not only a professional environment, but an environment that enables us to collaborate. Believe it or not, in many ways you are already your own best expert. The information you share with me about your life experiences is invaluable. We will work together to identify and build upon the skills and strengths you already have. We will also build awareness to identify the areas you feel are most vulnerable and need to most concentration. My approach is then tailored to your specific needs, goals, and motivations for therapy. I practice using a diverse and integrative approach, drawing on many evidence-based psychotherapies. My goal is to give you the tools you need to be your own therapist outside of the office.

I welcome and affirm all individuals and their experiences and identities. My experience includes the treatment of anxiety disorders, depression, bipolar disorder, substance use, post-partum challenges and trauma/PTSD. I am a Certified Trauma Treatment Professional (CCTP).

I am a transgender Dignity Model Certified Provider and have many years of experience working with individuals throughout the gender spectrum. Assisting individuals in achieving their goals for transition has been such a meaningful part of my career. I am experienced in assessing readiness for gender affirming surgeries/procedures and writing letters of readiness using the WPATH criteria standards.

I look forward to meeting you! I’m excited to get started on your journey toward forming a deeper understanding of yourself and building confidence while learning long-lasting skills to improve your overall quality of life.

Sessions can be scheduled in-person and virtually. 


To inquire about services, please email me a brief description of the area you'd like to work on, the name of your insurance provider, general availability, and preference for in-person or virtual sessions. 

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