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Sandra Hendricks 


My Story

Sandra works with adults in all stages of life who are facing challenging transitions, relationship problems, stress related to life’s general pressures or related to specific concerns or events. She has 25+ years of experience helping individuals resolve difficult feelings and self-defeating behaviors to find greater peace of mind. Sandra is also skilled in treating substance use disorders and other forms of addiction. She has worked with survivors of intimate partner violence, as well as those with toxic dysfunctional family histories.


Sandra is genuinely compassionate and interested in the stories and goals of those she serves in therapy. She works with individuals according to their preferences for therapy. Her approach may include offering a supportive “listening ear,” teaching and practicing skills, challenging unhelpful attitudes and thinking styles, or helping to understand the deeper impact of certain experiences. Sandra values and affirms diversity and difference, including the LGBTQ+ communities. She approaches her therapy work from a holistic, strengths-based perspective. 


To inquire about services, please email me a brief description of the area you'd like to work on, the name of your insurance provider, general availability, and preference for in-person or virtual sessions. 

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